Vickie is a passionate and engaging speaker who helps people create fulfilling relationships. She brings her ideas home with a mix of humor, inspiration and practicality. Participants of her programs leave with the information, the motivation and the practical skills to improve their life right away. 


Vickie speaks from experience. As a mother of two, she embodies the parenting principles she teaches every day. Merging her talents as a speaker, mother and entrepreneur, she has created a unique blend of skills for leading audiences to lasting change.


Vickie is available for keynotes, seminars, workshops, and panels. For booking availability and information, please call 310-773-6635 or click here to submit an email request form.

Following are her most requested topics:

Heal from the Affair Topics:

  • After the Affair: Why Time Won’t Heal You…and What Will

  • How to Stop the Pain

  • How to Forgive (When Forgiving Seems Impossible)

  • How to Turn His Cheating Into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

Parenting Topics:

  • How to Get Your Kids to Listen and Cooperate: Connect!

  • “You Can’t Make Me!”: How to End Power Struggles

  • What To Do Instead of Yell, Nag, Threaten or Punish: Positive Discipline

  • How to Create a More Positive and Peaceful Home

Relationship Topics:

  • How to Find and Keep the Love of Your Life

  • Happy Couple, Happy Child: Why Your Relationship May be the Most Powerful Parenting Tool You Have

Most programs can be customized to last from 30 minutes - 6 hours.